First, let’s focus on what’s a bad mattress? A bad mattress does not have to be an old or noisy mattress. A bad mattress is also a mattress that fails to provide the relaxation that you need. Sometimes a mattress that is comfortable for your partner can be very uncomfortable and painful for you. It does not matter if your mattress is old or new, if it doesn’t serve the required purpose it is a fail for you.

Now, how bad is it to use a mattress that doesn’t comply with all your needs? Find out more about same on this link: A mattress can have more severe effects on your health than just waking up tired or not getting enough sleep. Few health problems that may occur because of lack of sleep or bad mattress are listed below:

Immune system

Your immune system protects you from catching diseases. If your immune system is strong, you will be able to fight diseases better than everyone else. A night of good sleep can boost your immune system. When a person sleeps, his body is completely at rest, and that’s exactly the time when it gathers energy and enhances its immune. But if you are unable to get a proper comfortable sleep, your immune system gets weakened which makes you more prone to getting diseases and makes recovery difficult.


It is a misconception that one can only get fatigued because of family or work-related problems. One of the factors of fatigue can also be your mattress. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel stressed which affects all your daily routine work. Like you’ll have trouble in making even the smallest decisions. You’ll get tired too often. You feel low and less energetic. Fatigue is usually not very dangerous to health but being fatigued for a longer period can cause severe mental problems.

Heart problems

Diseases like hypertension are commonly linked to heart diseases. People who suffer from sleeping disorders are more likely to have cardiac arrests than people with other health problems. According to a study, 58% of men with insomnia develop congestive cardiac arrest which is more than people who have breathing issues. Sleep apnea can cause irregular heart rhythm which ends up in heart diseases and cardiac arrest in severe cases.

Weight Gain

Irregular sleep can cause a lot of weight gain. This happens because of two reasons. When you fail to get the optimal amount of sleep your body tends to secrete insulin, which induces glucose and fat storage in the body that makes a person gain weight. The other reason is craving, when a person doesn’t sleep on time, he tends to consume more food than required, this makes him gain more weight.

Mood Swings

Another factor associated with a bad mattress is, when you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to stay in a bad mood all day. This not only affects your work life but also makes your angry and un-happy. Buying a mattress that makes you sleep well can make your life and your mood better than ever before.